Google’s First Office

It’s amazing how things change with time. I am just wandering the spark Larry Page and Sergey Brin had in their brain when they founded Google. I’ve been a Google fan boy for some time now and I tell you, Google is such an innovative company. I believe you don’t need a revelation to believe that. Today, I bring your way one of the many untold Google Story. It’s about the first Google office.

It was a garage owned by Susan Wojcicki and they were paying $1700 a month. That must have been a huge sum of money back then. Bringing it to the Nigerian scene, I’m wondering why a start-up will pay 275,400 naira (at 162 naira per dollar) to use a mere garage as an office. I am sure that would have been out of context if they were Nigerians.

Here is the picture of the garage with the owner (fomer, anyway) of the garage standing in front:


After some time, Great Google later bought the entire house and hired Susan Wojcicki  as their 18th employee.

Susan became VP of product management for Google and is also one of the brains behind Google successful AdSense project; she is currently Sr. VP of Ads with Google. Her sister Anne later married Google’s co-founder Brin.


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