Your next big idea…

You’ll be as rich as what your target market can pay you. Take for instance: If your target market is Nigeria and you choose not to expand beyond; then, you’ll be as rich as what Nigerians can offer for your product/service.

Aliko Dangote is the 51st Richest man in the world with $13.8B. Facebook’s co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg ranks next to him with $13.5B. There’s just a small difference of $300M between them. Dangote obviously started long before Mark Zuckerberg founded facebook, yet, the difference between them is small. Also, Dangote is into several production lines while Mark is only famous for his facebook brainchild. It has nothing to do with location friends, trust me. My opinion is that Mark is simply offering a global product to the world. There’s hardly a country that has not witnessed the facebook invasion. People pay for ads vertually everyday, which in turn makes him richer daily. Just this year alone, his net worth increased by $10B. REASON: there were more paid ads in 2011. The same thing with Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Bill Gates and many others serving the global community with their products.

ACTION LINE: What can you serve that’ll make the world go round? It may be that great idea that you tagged small. Most of the world greatest company today evolved from garage ideas. Never under rate your ideas, it may be the next BIG thing in the world.


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  • True! Absolutely! Ideas are priceless.

  • the real worth of any idea lies in its global appeal…dont oackage a world class product in a local way..i think thats 1 enterprise problem we’ve got here…if ur idea is celebrated in Port-harcourt,Nigeria and when it just strolls down to Jo’Burg,SA it gets less or no on it!thanks 4 another wonderful piece

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