What’s your University made of?

The mission, motto (and the likes) of a University defines its operations. Stuffs like that determines what they spend the bulk of their money on etc This just occurred to me again.

For instance, Universities that have “Excellence and Godliness” (even though 95% graduate as sinners smile emoticon.) as their motto will focus more on spiritual education, not stuffs like sciences, research and development, innovation and the likes. They will spend $2.5 million (over 500 million naira) building a big church on campus without having an active research centre, innovation centre, not even fast and reliable internet backbone. It’s a Bible school, no?

Such schools will focus more on church (sorry, chapel) attendance than classroom attendance. You know, they’ll suspend students for not attending chapels, but not for staying away from lectures.

For their guest lecture series, they’ll invite pastors, missionaries, Reverend Fathers and all sorts of spiritual leaders instead of world thinkers in the sciences, technology, business leaders and the likes. They organize yearly crusades on campus with funds that should be spent on more productive stuffs.


In all of this mess, the bigger problem is that nobody (or very few) see all these as a problem. Not even the graduates who should now know better. Every time someone tries to speak about this evil killing the quality of education in Nigeria, someone turns it into an argument about “Private schools vs Public schools”. Or say those who speak are not passionate about their Alma Mater.

The results speak for themselves. In over 10 years of existence, such schools will have no relevant contributions made by either students or lecturers in the sciences, on innovation and the likes. Their students will make no real stride internationally because, it’s difficult to innovate in an environment dominated by mediocrity, blinded by religion.

This, my dear friends is the state of education in Nigeria; or private.

What’s your school made of?


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