U Tranfer USB Stick: The New way to transfer files between USB sticks without a Computer

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to transfer an important file to a friend’s USB stick URGENTLY? Moments like this are often frustrating except if you’ve never experienced it. For those who have, you’ll relate more with this new solution. I recently came across a new concept that allows you to transfer files from one USB stick to another without a computer. You see, middle often get eliminated at the discovery of more efficient and effective business models. This is true with this new concept as it elminates the dependence of USB sticks on a PC at least for the transfer of files.

It’s called U Transfer.

The U Transfer is not an ordinary USB flash drive. It is equipped with a slot at one end to hook up another stick, allowing you to transfer files without a computer. The U Transfer USB Stick also features an OLED display. It is a cool concept that will hopefully hit the light of production.

U Transfer stick has a display (hopefully touchscreen) and a slot for plugging another USB stick during file transfer.

As far as I know (as at the time of pulishing), U Transfer is not yet in commercial quantity yet. When it hits production, it should see mass adoption. If it hits the Nigerian market, will you buy one?




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