Trip to the Royal City of Mysore, India [with Pictures]

I visited the royal city of Mysore on Sunday. It was an all expense paid trip sponsored by the management of my institution, NMIT for all foreign students. I have been nursing the urge to visit the royal city since my friends recommended I visit few weeks ago. So, when I was informed, I couldn’t help but join other foreign students :). Between, it’s the first time the institution will organize such for us.

First, we visited the monumental Amba Vilas Palace (Palace of Mysore). Kudos to the Government of India for preserving this historic building. Though, I have no explanations for most of the things we saw inside the palace, it is such a place that tells the history of it’s people with real evidences. We saw huge gold and silver doors (yeah, real gold). The architectural style is one of its kind. I wonder how they managed to build this many years ago. Say gigantic and you have it. The palace is surround by a large garden with beautiful flowers  – one thing I love India for.

We could have visited two other places but for the lack of time as it was a one day trip.

We ended the day with a visit to GRS Fantasy Park where we had loads of fun. Fun unlimited. From swimming to Aqua Tornado Ride, to the scary swing chair to dashing car driving, Columbia swing, Neeramber (slide tower) to the Aqua Dance Floor . The GRS Fantasy Park is really a place to REFRESH, and that, we did.

We left GRS Fantasy Park, and commenced the road trip back to Bangalore with about two stops. One for dinner and the other just to freshen up.

Thanks to Dr. Prassad and Prof. Ravi Kumar for making this happen.

I plan to visit Mysore again. For now, my next destination is likely to be Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. Emm, the 3 day train journey is a scary thought and the main limitation I see here :(.

As usual, feed your eyes with some pics:

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