To whom it may concern

Got a minute.

Writing this for the benefit of those who have labelled me in several negative ways recently (not that I care much about it though). Some who even think I am dead because they have not heard from me recently. Lol. I am not. I am somewhere in the tech city of India trying to cope with one of my busiest schedule in a long time. I just rapped up my thesis few moons ago and I am going straight into exam mode again.

I will be starting my final (hoping it’s really final :-)) MBA exam tomorrow. Not the best time for me to write an exam, being in the middle of numerous projects calling for my attention; especially the ones I had to shed off to focus on my thesis; the people (“bosses”, coworkers etc) I have to please and many more.

Though my work continues as usual, I definitely cannot take “too much” at this time (as have been recently). So, expect one-liner responses, “save for later” emails longer than a paragraph, lesser back and forths via emails, delayed response/actions to mails etc. For all these, pardon your boy in advance.

Yours in service 🙂

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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