Time time time

Time, time, time.

Recently, a friend asked me to help create a Yahoo account. My response was simple. A resounding NO. Frank, as always, I went on to give my reason and hoped it was understood.

As a “tech whatever”, my inbox is filled with several requests everyday from people from all sides. Really, deep down, I wish I could help everyone do everything, every time, anytime, but unfortunately, I don’t have that magic wand. The demands get high to a level you cannot handle alone considering other highly important tasks on your table (the things that really matter). In fact, recently, I considered the option of hiring someone (on my own bills) to help deal with such requests (help create an email, help search for a school etc). There are actually companies who make millions of dollars doing just that (Virtual Assistants). Sadly, I am not one.

I realize the impact of this on my friends or sometimes relatives and even coworkers. Sometimes it comes across as pride to the other person when you refuse to help with a task, but trust me it’s not intended.

The days ahead requires focus and intense prioritization. It’s not the time to spread one’s self too thin in a bid to please everyone. Already, the 24 hours is not enough. I sleep for a maximum of 4 hours everyday (lesser than that sometimes), yet there’s never a day when I get to the end of my to-do list. Hence, my inability to jump on some requests every time, anytime.

For this, I apologize in advance (or in arrears as the case may be) 🙂 as I find a better way to handle them. Or well, may be a startup that actually does this…

Peace to the world.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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