The Experience: PGDM Industrial trip [with pictures]

Sigh. Finanlly got a few minutes to write this since Saturday. Been extremely busy. This is first draft. No editing done. I typed, added the pictures and hit publish. Why? No time! So, pardon possible typos or errors seen below. If all you want are the pictures, please, scroll down. Mercibeaucoup.

On Saturday, 17th of August, I joined the PGDM students of Nitte School of Management on industrial trip out of Bangalore. At around 9AM,  the bus zoomed out of the campus. After few minutes, I soon found myself in an “unknown” location. It was my first trip out of Banglore, anyway. It was a long journey, but honestly, I didn’t feel it at all, thanks to my new friends – more on that below.

Our first destination was TD Power Systems Limited


TDPS is one of the largest manufacturers of generators (steam trubine generators, diesel generators etc) in India. In fact, we were briefed they hold a whopping 80% of the Indian market share. Contrary to the popular, TDPS only manufactures bespoke generators. They manufacture only when they’re approached by a client-  so they build based on individual customer requirements. I hear it takes about 8 months to build a generator. They have giants like G.E. (General Electric) and Siemens.

We were walked round the manufacturing plant and taken through the entire process of manufacturing a generator. Hey, I could barely understand all the jargons (read technical terms) the supervisor was saying (‘cos of my non-technical background), but the guys with electrical engineering background could relate well with all he said. Kudos to him for taking his time to explain the stages thoroughly for those who followed. For me, it was nice seeing how generators are being manufactured. Simple enough. It was an eye-opener. The heavy weight equipments and the “dangerously dangerous” zones in the pant.


We left TDPS for a restaurant where I had North Indian Thali. It was one of those moments when I order for food I practically have no prior idea of. I just asked my new friend, Sherin what she wanted to take. South Indian Thali. “Okay Sherin, If you’re taking South Indian Thali, then I’ll have North Indian Thali“. I just wanted to give it a try. I enjoyed it. Delicious meal. At first, I didn’t know where to start from, but after a lecture from Mr. Vinay, Sherin and Sushmita, I devoured it :). Sherin recorded that and uploaded it on Facebook (goodluck in finding it :)).

From there we headed to a tourist centre I honestly can’t remember as I type this. There, we saw a hole on to of a rock with water slowing gushing out. That seems to be the attracting point of the centre asides the broad green trees spread all over. It’s a mysterious ancient landmark. I asked my friends about it and they had stories to tell from their religious book.


Of all things, I enjoyed meeting new friends. Hey, I’ve been seeing this guys on campus since July 15,th but we’ve never crossed path to be able to converse. The trip was a good time to blend with each other. First, I met, Sherin. She sat next to me en route TDPS. We chatted all through the journey. It was Sherin’s first time of interacting and making friend with an African (Nigerian specifically). Hey, I’ve met lots of Indian girls since I arrived but Sherin is such a different lady. You gotta trust me on that. Later on, she introduced me to her friend, Sushmita whom I had met earlier but was uncomfortable sitting beside me or even saying more than hello :). It’s an Indian thing anyway. Many more soon followed as I met Charan and other guys who made the trip fun.


En route the tourist centre, our bus refused to climb the hill, so, we had get off the bus to make it lighter. That was when God decided to let heaven loose of rain. It didn’t rain cat and dog but the downpour was enough to get everyone soaked. We had no choice. We were in the bus. No sheds to hide ourselves. No umbrella or rain jackets. Nothing. The only option was to walk majestically in the rain. Guys and ladies alike. Tiring stuff for most (ladies especially). However, it was fun. In my opinion, the rain added to the fun.


Below, you’ll see pictures of the staff eating. Trust me, it’s had to come by supportive faculties like them. They’re all amazing. I won’t say more than that here for now, but take my word seriously. They’re just great. Period.

Overall, it was a refreshing time for me. An experiences I won’t trade for anything else. I coudn’t have had a better Saturday anywhere. I’ll love to do more of this. Big thanks to everyone who made it worthwhile.

Okay, nuff said, let the pictures speak for themselves now.

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