Technology done wrong: A mini rant on V3 slim care

<Mini Rant>

Few days ago, I finally decided (at the last minute) to rejuvenate after the  stress business school had put me through. Being a deal snatcher, I immediately visited my favourite deal sites in search of a great package that will save me from breaking the bank. I found one that fit into my budget and decided to order it. I paid the fees and saved the receipt on my tab with the mind that I would show the receptionist on arrival at the spa.

On arrival at the spa, I was told I can’t make use of the deal I had bought online because I didn’t print out the coupon. I was like, but I have it here on my tablet. Should I give you the coupon number so you can check online? The receptionist refused, politely. At the end, I had to pay the full price on agreement that the coupon can be used at later time. I was not alone. While there, I had the reaction of other customers over the phone as to why they have to come with a printed copy of the coupon after paying online. I looked over the counter and saw stack of paper coupon. Crap.

Now, this got me thinking? What’s the essence of paying online if I still have to print out a freaking paper. What then is the essence of digital? This is technology done wrong. It would have been better if all I had to do was supply my coupon code for them to just confirm online. Besides, I had the full coupon on my tab. I requested I mail it to them so they can print themselves and save me the stress of the paper.

When you decide to apply technology to your business, you must be ready to follow through to the end. One of the core propositions of the internet and tech generally is to save our world from papers and unnecessary stress (afterall, I’m at the spa to de-stress). So, when technology is supposed to do just this for you, but you still decide to go the old paper way, then, it’s technology done wrong. I agree that tech may not be able to replace ALL paper works, but this is one area where it can.

V3 Slim care, I’ll be back to use my coupon towards the end of March, but you guys need to complement your good service by damning the old paper way. Save us the stress.

</Mini Rant>

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