Sugar-free week, who’s interested in joining me?

I’m addicted to sugar and I know it. Well, who isn’t? Very few are not, but I suspect 90% of those reading this are just like me. Every day, we consume sugar at a very high level (more than the recommended volume), from a bottle of coke (err, some two) to chocolate bars and then few candies in the evening. Add gum to the list. It’s not that we’re ignorant of the side effects of sugar, we’re just addicted. For guys, sometimes, we vow to stop after the scare from doctors that “too much sugar makes the sperm watery which reduces the chances of impregnating your girlfriend wife” (Not sure of the truth in this). We stop pause till the fear is gone :).

Sequel to this, I’m planning a sugar-free week, but I don’t want to walk it all alone. I need people who will like to discipline themselves for a whole week by not consuming anything with “added, processed sugar”. Please, note, “added or processed sugar”. So, fruits are permitted. More people, means more commitment to the challenge. So, we live it all together.

This is a big challenge, especially for those who can’t live a day without taking sugar (coke, etc). However, the benefits are huge for those who can endure this one week long challenge.

For me, this means, no candies beside my PC while working, for a whole week (like I just finished consuming a bar of Valen Berry as I type this). Sugar-free coffee for one week. No Minute maid or Tzinga after any meal. No eclairs etc. What does this mean for you?

I have not decided on the final date for this challenge, though, I’m hoping we kick-off 8th of April, 2013. This is subject to change based on the opinions of those interested. We’ll document our experiences (in the form of blog posts, tweets status updates etc) as we move on for the week.

If this looks like your cup of tea, kindly express your interest by doing one of the following:

  • Drop a comment below
  • Tweet at me: @SOluwatobi
  • Drop me a Facebook  message

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