Steve Jobs dies at 56: I’ll Miss him more

Just about some minutes ago, I got a shocking news stating that the computing legend is dead. I first thought it was part of the iPhone 4S joke, until I confirmed it on Apple’s home page. Here’s what I saw:

Steve Jobs is dead
What I saw on Apple's home page

Steve is one of the people I will really love to have a one-on-one conversation with. He’s on my Top List. Now he’s gone. The truth is that his contributions to the world of computing can never be forgotten. He caused a Revolution. I greatly admire Bill Gate’s dream of putting a computer on a table; but I HIGHLY value Steve’s drive to put a computing device in every pcoket or bag. Today, virtually everyone walks the street with either an iPod, iPad,iPhone and other Apple products. Even those who don’t have any Apple product carry MP3 players and all kinds of devices that were produced by companies that were founded by people who were motivated by his vision. Some of them have even worked in Apple in time past. Some are just imitators of his iNventions.

Someone like me draw a deep motivation from him; and am sure all geeks do as well. I’ve not seen him in person, but his creations and ideas make me go WOW! always. He’s been part of my drive since I got into the computing space. I’ve always dreamt of meeting him in person. Those who are understand better and what his death means to me.

Steve made computing more personal. Today’s world will not be as interesting as it is now, if not for him. He is the true father of iNventions (iPhone, iPad…iThis iThat). He made me more interested in computing. My company VDrive Technologies have consistently followed most of his ideas. When am asked about where VDrive will be in the next 10 years. Hardly do I complete this sentence without mentioning Apple. And if you ask me who my role models are, Steve’s name will definitely come within the first 3.

I always knew there’ll be an end; but I never knew it’ll be this near; especially a day after the launching of the latest Apple product (iPhone 4S). God understands better than I do, anyway.

The truth is that “The world rarely sees someone who made such a profound impact.” He was the

The folks at Apple will miss you.

The world at large will also miss you.


Rest in peace, Steve Jobs


In Honour of Steve, I’ll be changing the profile picture of all the Social Media platforms I belong to his picture (especially FB and twitter) until his final burial (provided it happens within the next 7 days or so). I have never carried another man’s picture as my profile picture (because I don’t believe in doing so), but I’ll do it this time to honour one of the world most talented  genius. I’ll announce (if necessary) some of my subsequent actions to honour him via twitter and Facebook later on.

Meanwhile, If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email

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