Social media for business: My session at NMIT, Bangalore

Yesterday, I had the privilege of teaching the entire department of management studies of NMIT, Bangalore social media for business. I call it a privilege because it’s the first time a student will be given such opportunity to facilitate an official session with students and staff present.

My last public speaking engagement was July 2012 back in Nigeria (apart from interviews et al). So, speaking yesterday meant a lot.

I started by sharing how I got job offers (without applying) from companies and people I’ve never met in person but had interactions and relationships with on social media as well as the unique opportunities that have been through my way based on my social media usage. The intention was to arouse their interest in what I was about to talk about. I think I achieved that :).

I then moved to the history of social media and how social media is currently disrupting traditional communication and business operations (marketing especially). I ended the session (halfway, yeah) by sharing a few tips on how businesses can implement their social media strategy.

The entire session was littered with questions from both the students and the lecturers, making it highly interactive. Of course, the positive comments have not stopped pouring in. I’ve had students who made the decision to put an end to some bad social media habits they have. Also, one of the lecturers made the decision to join Facebook after the session.

I’m deeply humbled by this privilege. It’s one I wouldn’t have traded for anything. Big thanks to the H.O.D., staff and students of the department.

On to the next…:)

Thanks to Shilpa Shree and Chetana who got some shots while I was busy doing my thing :). Here you go:

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