Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training: Summary of day 3 and 4

**Been on a crazy schedule this week, still with lots of pending tasks. Just got time to draft this. The satisfaction derived from the training has no impact on the delay in publishing as many have asked. It was great, to say the least. Thanks for asking though, so here we go:

On Saturday (day 3), I had the privilege of seeing the Minister of MSME, Mr. K.H. Muniyappa. It was the signing of the MoU between the ministry and my institution. He was going to ruin the session for me when he attempted to address the audience in a local language. Glad he didn’t. I usually don’t have high regard for politicians (especially in a country like India with records of corruption in high places), but Mr. Muniyappa seems to have a sincere heart. Please, note the word “seem”, before you accuse me of backing a politician. He spoke on encouraging entrepreneurship among students and fresh graduates. He advised students to take on innovative projects and businesses with the support of his ministry. He revealed the plan of the Indian Government to raise at least 100 entrepreneurs in each district and highlighted several support schemes available to back these new generation of entrepreneurs. This is audacious. He made several promises (both on his part and the part of the Indian Government as a whole), but, I can only fold my arms and watch them being fulfilled. One thing that stood out for me in his charge is the “sincerity of heart”. It was obvious that he spoke directly from his heart.

The session ended well and we moved on to the “real” business of the day. Six Sigma green belt certification training, day 3.

The last two days of the training was handled by Mr. Nanda Kumar of PQ Systems. I must thank him for being such a great teacher. I am yet to recover from his style of teaching. His oratory prowess was next to none. Honestly, I’ve only had very few lecturers like that in my entire life spent in the academia. Both sessions lasted for hours and Mr. Nanda delivery never stopped to increase by the hour. He held the class together such that no one could dose or even feel the passing of the time. Not just that, Mr. Nanda ensured assimilation of the concepts and even sparked more interest in the heart of all the participants. You know a person is resourceful when all the participants wished he could have one more session. Almost all the participants of the training made the request to have Mr. Nanda back for one more session but, sadly, it won’t be possible. This is to show you how awesome he is. Thank you, Mr. Nanda.

Over the two sessions, we were covered the remaining phases of the Six Sigma methodology which were not covered last week – Measure, Analyze, Interprete and Control. All through the session, Mr. Nanda couldn’t help referring to Dr. Denim like every 5 minutes. He emphasized his principles and their relevance to management today. We were learnt how to draw a cause and effect diagram, pareto chart, brainstorming, stratification, risk analysis, hypothesis testing, anova, regression analysis and many other concepts.

We were also introduced to minitab, a statistical software used to process and analyze data. Practical stuff. Mr. Nanda taught us all how to get shit done with minitab and save time on projects.

This training exposed me to lots of things about quality control and several aspects of customer satisfaction. Overall, it couldn’t have been better. Deep gratitude to everyone at the Nitte School of Management for making this happen. You rock. Thanks to other participants as well for making the program worthwhile for me. I now have new friends 🙂

Thanks to those who sent me messages congratulating me for the being a certified six sigma green belt. Unfortunately, you may have to resend those messages next Sunday, because the exam was postponed to this Sunday – for good. So, lets see how the exam treats us in a few days. For now, moving on to the bigger things 🙂

As usual, here are a few pictures courtesy of Nitte School of Management Facebook page



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