Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training: Day 2

I have no idea what day of week today is. My Calendar says its a Sunday. but looks like a Monday to me. Well, that’s what happens when you sit for hours talking Six Sigma and cracking statistical problems, in a typical classroom fashion :). It’s the Day 2 of my Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training.

Today, we started by revising the concepts learnt yesterday. Each participant was asked to explain one concept he learnt from yesterday’s session. For me, it was the Kano model, which talks about the two dimensional quality. It measures the performance quality in relation to the impacts it has on the mind/perception/satisfaction of the customers. It uses two yardsticks including Disatisfaction and Delight. Err, enough of the lectures :). Sign up for the next batch if you really want to learn all these things. Haha 🙂

We proceeded to the second phase of the DMAIC – Measure. We extensively explored several techniques used to measure. We were taught how to arrive at the Six Sigma level, how to compute Defect Per Unit (DPU), Defect Per Opportunity (DPO), Defect Per Million Opportunity (DPMO) and many more.

Contrary to popular beieve, Six Sigma can also be applied to every functional area of business that has numerical expression for its activities. For me, it was marketing. So, I asked the facilitator how I can apply the methodology as a marketer. Voila. He gave loads of examples that clicked immediately.

Great session today. Oh, well, apart from the fact that I missed my sweet during lunch. I was going to take it after eating the rice, but by the time I returned to the table, the bowl containing the sweet was empty. Lol. Others were faster and smarter. 😀

I might have missed the opportunity to live a “normal Sunday”, but it couldn’t have been better. Trust me on that.

At the end of the session, we gathered for a group shot:

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