Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training: Day 1

About 2 weeks ago, I signed up for a six sigma training programme (Green belt Certification) jointly offered by the Government of India (through its MSME – Technoody Development Centre) and the Centre for Management Development of Nitte School of Management. It’s a four day program spread over 2 weeks.

The training started today. The session was made up of 25 participants with diverse backgrounds. It was an opportunity to meet all kinds of people including defence officers (most retired), students from Alliance University (0ne of the top private B-Schools in India) and many more.

It’s just the beginning and one has learnt so much about processes improvement, performance quality, two dimensional quality (Kano model), precision versus accuracy, project charter, VOC, VOB, COP, Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ), SIPOC, COPIS, business case and the likes. Emm, what can one say about the case study used? We were divided into groups and asked to provide come up with six sigma projects (solutions) to solve the problem in the case. Whoop! Deep brainstorming session. Ideas rolled upon ideas. We were in search of an idea/project that will increase customer satisfaction and also increase bottom line by at least 9% (from 11% to 20%). You know your brain must be working at a very high frequency to arrive at such solution (from a twisted problem) within such a limited timeframe – but we had to do it. One idea comes up, everyone gets excited, only to find out seconds later than the “good” idea will lead to a 50% increase in cost – Idea dropped. The cycle continued till we were able to come up with a appropriate solution.

Each team presented their projects before the selected sponsors, and my team’s idea was approved. We solved the problem and also increased profit after tax by 27%, surpassing the 9% target. Shout out to my team members. You guys rock :). The essence of the case study was to establish the understanding of the first phase of the Six Sigma Methodology – Define, which was covered in today’s session.

Want to learn all these things and others to come? You’ll have to enrol for the next batch. I won’t teach you all here. Lol :).


One funny thing about this training is that it’s the first time  I’ll have a clear understanding of the concept of standard deviation. I’ve had standard deviation as part of my modules since the first year of my undergraduate degree all through my first year in business school (MBA), BUT I have never understood its importance to me as an entrepreneur or even a manager. The “bozos” (in the words of one of my bosses) – lecturers – who have taught me since then have also never bothered to explain its application to real business situations clearly. Note “clearly“. How the heck does it puts money in my bank account (an entrepreneur’s desire)? Anyways, I guess they also have no idea 🙂 (I think). Well, this is one of the things special certifications expose you to. Practical knowledge, not theoretical jargons only good for passing exams. Now, I’m more interested in cracking standard deviation problems than ever. Not just that, I now understand its application and usefulness. The entire concept is now clear to me. Oh well, I wish I knew this a lot time ago :). Glad this particular ignorance gap was closed today, we never can tell when it’ll become critical.

Now, tell me what can beat this? I got an offer from the facilitator of the training. He’s the Principal Director of Process and Product Development Centre (PPDC Agra), so you can imagine how big the offer is. No, I won’t disclose it hear. :D. I’m deeply grateful.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s session. I couldn’t have had a better Saturday

As usual, below are snapshots from the training courtesy of Mr. Vinay, one of the wonderful NSOM crew that made it happen.

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