Sell benefits, not features

Nothing beats simplicity. Read that again. Features are overrated. Your customers don’t freaking care about features. What they care about is benefits. Successful marketers have mastered this and are closing sales by the day based on this simple concept. That is what separates great marketers from the average. Great sales men sell benefits, not features.

The average marketer thinks having more features than his competitors will simply give him an edge in the market. Unfortunately, it hardly does. I have seen a couple of tech start-ups fall into this trap – trying to build features no-one eventually uses. At the end, it’s a bloodly waste of time, money, and efforts that could have been used for more productive things.

So, while developing a new product or service, think less about features and focus more on your core propositions to the customers? Before adding the next feature, ask yourself, of what benefit is this feature? How does it add value to my customers? Is it really needed to deliver my promises to my customers? This will help you stay focused and not bullshit around with stuffs your customers don’t care about.

Don’t forget, when selling, sell benefits, not features. While crafting your ad copy, proposal and the likes, note this. See the image below for a quick example



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