Say NO to an easy life

About this time in 2012, I parted ways with few colleagues and some friends in Minna, Niger State. As the norm, the question “what next?” was asked on several occasions by several people. I was clear and certain about what I wanted, as many of them will still remember. I made it clear back then all I wanted. The road ahead was a bit clear to me.

For most, it was now time to switch from their low paying jobs to jobs that paid the highest, irrespective of the conditions or whether it’s something they really love or not. In my own case, it was time for a bigger hustle. I wanted something more challenging than I was used to. It wasn’t time to settle for fat cheques, reason I rejected all the job offers I got (I still appreciate all those who invited me for one).

Fast forward two years, I look back and I am happy for the journey. As I predicted back then, it has been very very rough. I’ve had several down times on this journey, but I keep pushing myself. I have learnt many lessons along the way. I have lived a very dangerous life as well. All these are part of the journey. Looking back, I am deeply happy that I made the decisions I made in 2012. These 2 years will certainly set the pace for the road ahead.

The journey is still on. Though, I’ll be finishing from business school sometimes in August, it’s means practically nothing to me, more than an entrance into a higher form of hustle.

One of lessons I’ve learnt on this road, is to always make the decisions that push you beyond your limits. They are difficult to make. They shake your nerves. It won’t be easy, but you see, no one promised it’ll be easy. Never settle for the easy. The easy is for the weak and as they say, history shows no mercy for weaklings. Need I say more?

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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