Remembering Purpose Group: The journey and the testimonies

I miss those days as an undergraduate, on the campus at Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria. I might have missed many things, but it matters less at this time. Truly, very few things made my time at Bowen University a worthwhile experience. Very few things I, repeat. One of such few things was Purpose Group.

Why am I writing this? Few minutes ago, I stumbled on an article written by one of the beneficiaries of the impact made by Purpose Group. I am indeed grateful to God for using me as a value adding vessel to these lives.

Few of the things we did at Purpose Group

When others decided to focus on academics and some other mundane stuffs common to students, I and a few friends decided to rather focus on our passion. We held meet ups every Saturday to inspire students – what they don’t get on campus. We held several conferences which boasted big names like Dayo Israel, Niyi Eboda, Kunle Soriyan, Femi Ebunoluwa and many more. We were blinded by our mission to force out incredible stuffs out of students beyond the normal grade points. We wanted to see students live a purposeful life. We wanted to raise as many student entrepreneurs as possible, though it was a crime to do business as a student in Bowen University. We cared less about the baseless rules of the University as regards this. Asides entrepreneurship, we taught things like career choice, self discovery and many more.

Spending Money, Time and Energy

We spent most of our resources as students. A huge chunk of my income back then was channelled to Purpose Group. We needed money to run our weekly meetings as well as the conferences we held as they were free. So, we had to use personal funds.

What about time? Most of my time was spent on one Purpose Group activity or the other. I and my good guys devoted much of our time to helping the Purpose Group members, meeting them individually to offer advise and help with anything they needed back then. I remember having midnight sessions with some of the members who couldn’t fix an appointment during the day. I missed quite a number of lectures just to ensure everyone gets served and that Purpose Group achieves it’s mission of making maximum impact.

We were mocked mehn…

Chai! If I start writing about the insults and mockery we got at Purpose Group, I’ll write an encyclopedia. My classmates and several staff of the University saw us as being plain stupid. “They’re just wasting their father’s money in this school“. Some said at some point. It looked like our future was not bright enough. Well, we didn’t care. We kept on doing our thing. We were just a buch of guys who lost their heads. Some thought we didn’t know what we were doing. Others thought we only wanted to be popular. Well…

We saw the Future, didn’t we?

We saw the future. We were convinced that the future won’t be defined by grades and CGPAs as it was on campus. We knew people needed more than that to find their space in life. We knew the jobs of the future belongs only to those who have a superior advantage over millions others and that advantage is not grade or academic know-how. We knew that the future belong to the few who begin to live their lives differently right on campus. Some listened to us, some ignored us and some others mocked us. Well, the future we saw back then is now here. I bet many can prove us right today. Need I say more?

Now that the deal’s done

Today, I feel fulfilled to have done the things I did back then. People contact me today to share their success in business and career as a result of the impact we made at Purpose Group. The testimonies keep rolling in. Even those who ignored us back then are now beginning to value many of the things we stood for, though somewhat late. Some of our members have moved on beyond Nigeria. Some have started/expanded their businesses, some are on a job (daily applying some of the things we taught back then), some are pursuing a higher degree. On a large scale, I’m super proud to say that they’re all blazing the trail in their respective countries and pursuit. Clearly, we know who the real success is today.

Here’s a recent comments made by Stephen Akanmu (founder of Stevie Roy Clothing), a Bowen University graduate. He was one of those who valued our content

My number one business springboard and inspiration was Oluwatobi Soyombo. The ways he spoke about money, business, entrepreneurship investment in PG meetings ignited me to do something. He made sure we committed ourselves to start one form of business or the other on campus even when the school/system didn’t support student entrepreneurship. He was my fist consultant and coach. He helped me in starting early before I will have any opportunity to change my mind or listen to voices of doubt. He nurtured my idea till it became a reality; he invested time in feeding me with tips, wisdom, resourceful business material, strategy and lots more. We had a series of private coaching sessions even from his busy schedule; because he was one of the enviable student CEOs back then in school. His business knowledge was wide and vast; I did desire to know like hm. He played marketing roles for the business to his friends and room mates. He encouraged, advised, challenged and criticized when necessary. He still keeps tabs on the activities of the business. He is the brain behind


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