Speed is a skill. That is one of my mantras at work and I chant it to every team member. When there’s work to be done, it must be done now, at the fastest speed possible. It’s my personality and I have allowed it flow into one of the company’s core values.

Being who I am, I can hardly wait for anything. I’m the type that sends out specifications to a supplier and want the quote immediately. I hate responses like “I will think about it”, “I will get back to you soon”. Such words torture me. Why can’t it just be now?

However, I have learnt that some things can’t just happen at your own time – like building that company of your dream. You realize that no matter how hard and fast you work, there are things that are just out of your control. Oh boy, it requires patience. The wait can torment you, especially if you’re a lousy dreamer like me.

Each night before I sleep, pictures of that great company fill my head, sometimes for up to one hour, tossing and turning on the bed. It’s like a nightly ritual. Seeing the problems you want to solve and how you feel the world will reward you for solving those problems. Oh my!That feeling is priceless. It sends blood pumping in my veins. It energizes me. But, soon, I’ll fall asleep only to wake up to the normal routine. That one more email proposal that has to be sent. The one more pitch you have to make either to an investor or a partner. That long phone conversation you have to make to convince a client to patronize you. Refreshing your inbox every minute to see if that one good news that can change everything has dropped or waiting to receive a phone call/email from that person who promised to get back to you “soon” or “in a few days”.

Patience. I’ve learnt that it’s worth waiting for. Every entrepreneur will bear me witness. I’ve learnt that this is probably the most important virtue every entrepreneur must have. The discipline to build something great silently, patiently. The ‘pain’ of not being rewarded instantly, the hard resolve to watch everything crumble around you (your finance, relationship etc.) and not be bothered much, being fully persuaded that things will fall back in shape with time. The determination to fail fast at one thing, and rise again, and keep going, on, and on, and on. To the goal.

As I once read, the idea of giving up is worse than of it killing me. So, I will wait. I will build silently and patiently.

This is for every young person building the future, either through entrepreneurship or making those hard career choices

Build. Wait. And build again. The end will definitely justify the means.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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