PARTICIPATE and WIN: What will you name a Social Media BLOG? #NameContest

I am starting an online magazine strictly dedicated to Social Media content. I’ve been stuck at the planning stage since January, 2012 (for good reasons). Finanlly, I’m a day closer to launch than I was yesterday. I’ve come up with series of names only to discover that the domain name isn’t available. So, I thought about the awesome readers of my blog, the 1000+ great Facebook friends and the ever engaging twitter followers I have. With all these, I can perform magic (except you prove me wrong, but I know you won’t). So, I have decided to seek the help of more creative brains, YES YOU! in the naming of this project. Hence, the naming contest.

Therefore, I need you to come up with name suggestions for the BLOG. As I stated above, it’s going to be a a magazine strictly dedicated to Social Media. If you’re in my shoes, what would you name this? Read more about the project below.

The entries will be scrutinized by a panel of judges and best name will be adopted for the project.


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  1. Put on your thinking hat and decide on the name(s) of your choice
  2. Follow me on twitter at @SOluwatobi (optional, but necessary to get real time update on the contest)
  3. Tweet your suggestions at me and include the hashtag #NameContest

Yea, as easy as that, no blahblahblah. I’ll compile myself and forward to the judges.

[tab title=”PRIZES”]PRIZES

It’s a winner takes it all kind of contest. So, if you’re the winner, you’ll have the following:

  • A domain name of your choice plus one year hosting, both FREE
  • FREE design of your website/BLOG (with 3 months FREE support)
  • FREE Movie Ticket with me (only if winner resides in LAGOS or ABUJA)
  • Exclusive Interview with the team when project launches
  • 1 Jacket (courtesy, Atitude Wears)


[tab title=”HINTS”]HINTS

  • Domain name ( must be available, at least .COM and .NET.
  • Creativity will be judged
  • Entries should be meaningful (a brief description of your name will be good)


BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT (Please, READ this before participating)

As stated above, the blog will have a strict focus on Social Media. You see, there are quite a number of people out there who are interested in learning more about Social Media. Most have had to turn to foreign sites to get this help due to the inadequate Social Media contents on this side of the planet. Most Nigerian technology blog currently do not seem to provide much Social Media content and for those who do, these pieces get lost among several tech news. So, I thought there should be a blog that filters other tech content away saving the the Social-sphere.  Social Media here incude 2GO, Eskimi, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and other channels. The Blog will offer help on how to maximise the use of these Social Media platforms whether as an individual, business or government. You can check out Social Media Today to get a glimpse of what I’m talking about. In the mean time, if you’re an active Social Media user and interested in teaching others how to be the same, you can join the growing pool of contibutors of the blog. Visit my Contact Me and use the contact form there, or simply contact me on Twitter or Facebook.


Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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