Oops…I made a silly mistake

I’ve been writing exams since Wednesday. It’s the first set of internal examinations for this semester. Two days came smoothly but unfortunately I made a big mistake on the third day.

Normally when time tables are pasted, I take a shot directly either with my phone or tablet. I thought I snapped the exam time table but I didn’t. So, last midnight, I woke up to study for the first paper of the day. I was a little confused as I didn’t know which would come first between Human Resource Management and Financial Management. I searched my picture archive for the time table but couldn’t find it. It was past 2am. All my colleagues were asleep as they stated in our WhatsApp group. So, I was kinda helpless. Well, I thought to myself, it’s better to just read one of the two than not read at all.

So, I picked up Human Resource Management to read. I read the hell outta the course hoping it’s the first exam for the day. Well, just Silly Mistake Posterabout one hour to the exam (when I woke up in the morning), I gave a Ooty, a colleague, a phone call to confirm which is coming first. “FM (Financial Management)”, he said. Ooops. I pretended so he doesn’t notice my folly. “Thanks, Ooty, I just called to confirm :)”.

Prior to this time, I had never opened the Financial Management course to study. To even think that I already missed an important session where a whole module was discussed scared the hell outta me. Well, I had just 1 hour to the exam. What needs to be done must be done. No excuse. Cold blood rush through my veins in search of the strategy to adopt to cover the portion within 1 hour. Of course, practically impossible.

So, I opened the book, still not disappointed at myself. I quickly memorized a few formulas (time value of money, compounding, deferred annuity and the likes). Few minutes to the exam, I opened the theory aspect of the course and glanced through a few points. I arrived the exam hall about 5 minutes late, which was later prolonged to about 10+ minutes as my punishment for arriving late. So, I wrote my first word, about 15 minutes later than my colleagues did. As I opened the paper, I noticed most of the formulas I had mocked up were useful as only few questions demanded formulas. Most were theory questions…yes, the parts I couldn’t cover for lack of time. I’ll rather fill up my answer booklet with trash than submit an empty booklet. So, I answered the questions with residual knowledge and “scope”.

What a silly mistake, you’ll say. Whatever. Well, it’s another lesson that it’s pointless to run full speed when you’re on the wrong road.

I’ll try to update this post (or write another) when the result for this particular course gets released.

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