On my birthday…

I was about leaving the campus when Promise, my friend, called me. He sounded a bit serious and asked that I quickly come to the school’s canteen. Few minutes later, I realized it was a surprise birthday bash. I have never been that shy in a very long time. I saw people I have never said a word to, all waiting to wish me a happy birthday. I felt honoured. To even think that they all missed their lectures is more humbling. Who am I? How can I deserve that kind of treatment? Truly, to be loved is a great thing. I felt loved.

I cut the cake as they all sang the usual birthday song. The entire canteen stood still and watched as they all rubbed the cake’s icing on my face.

I thought of how to respond to this gesture. After asking most of them when their birthday will be, I realized I may not be in India again to reciprocate. So, I made an instant decision to take everyone out. I asked them to choose any location, any mall, any top restaurant in the city for an evening outing. They chose Orion mall.

What followed next? We dined together.

That was how I spent the 25th of March, 2014. I never knew any of these would happen that day when I left my house in the morning. Truly, the best of things sometimes come when they’re not pre-announced.

Deep gratitude to everyone that made this possible. To everyone that contributed time, money everything to the surprise bash, I am grateful. Nothing I write here can sum up how grateful I am. Promise, Pooja, Tony, Nuzha, Imole, Megha, EVERYONE.

Moving on to the next big thing

Here are few shots for your viewing pleasure:

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