NHRD meetup: Of academically correct but practically deficient HR practices

At exactly 6:28PM today, I arrived the prestigious Chancery Pavilion. I’m here to attend the third Udai Pareek lecture on “What’s your Talent Philosophy” organized by the NHRD Bangalore Chapter.

The keynote presentation was made by Marc Effron, President of Talent Strategy Group, New York, which was later followed up by a conversation with PM Kumar, Business Chairman, GMR Group. Marc’s presentation spotted thought-provoking views of HR in organizations. His views defy the norms and challenges several so-called HR best practices widely practised by companies. Great as it was that the full hall had HR managers on sit.

Somewhere during the presentation, Mark said, “Many HR practices are academically correct but practically deficient. I cannot agree more. I’ve been privileged to hear and witness several HR practices of a few companies and I cannot but marvel at where their ideas evolved from. Many are from textbooks written years ago, filled with practically irrelevant nuggets. When you ask, they say “it’s best practice, shut up and face your workl”. Well, Marc Effron has a question for you “What exactly is your Talent Philosophy“. As I’ve seen, many companies have none, except for serving pages of questionnaires to their staff to fill at the end of each month.

As Marc emphasized, HR managers really need to ask themselves what works in their quest in bringing out the best in people. From hiring, to performance appraisal to employee relations, retention and motivation etc etc, HR managers need to ensure they formulate and execute practices and policies that essentially help them in achieving their goals.

  • Start by identifying the business goal (not HR). What are we trying to solve
  • Eliminate complexity, add value
  • Create accountability and transparency

Still emphasizing on his , Marc also stated that most HR professionals are caught up in their own of world of complexities and language. He warned against all kinds of bogus words and tools used today. Take the complexity and break it down to embarrassingly easy methods and words. As for the tools, use what works for you in your organization.

Great evening. I wonder why the HR students of my institution don’t belong to this network. To even think that none of them attended the event is disturbing, despite the notice. Sigh. Though I’m not an HR guy, I think a one year membership of the NHRD Bangalore chapter is due next month. Looking forward to my next event on Saturday (SAP Conference). For now, on to bigger things 🙂

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