#NameContest Top 3 Entries: Vote NOW!

On the 15th of June, the #NameContest challenge was launched to source for the best naming concept for a Social Media Magazine (online) launching soon. In all, we got 27 entries. From these entries, the judges have done a great job to select the top 3 names that best demonstrate creativity and other key qualities of a great name.

Kindly join the movement by voting for the name of your choice below. Please, note that you can only vote once, so think through before making your final decision. Here are few quick criterias you may want to consider to spice up your decision.

  • Which of the names below best demonstrate creativity?
  • Which one of them do you think will generate buzz the most?
  • Which is the easiest to spell or remember?
  • Think of it as a .COM. Does it sound coo?
  • Think of it as a Magazine in the store. Will it get your attention?

Voting ends this Friday, 6th July, 2012. 

[poll id=”2″]

  1. SimpliSocial (Simpli = Simply and Social = Social)
  2. UarSocial: (where U = You, areSocial = are Social)
  3. SMNigeria (SM = Social Media Nigeria = Nigeria)

Don’t forget to invite your friends to vote too.

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