#NameContest, SocialMeep and everything between

*Deep Breath* Sigh! I am finally doing this. I owe my readers and everyone who participated in the #NameContest a big apology. Please, permit me to keep it simply simple as let’s get down to business immediately.

#NameContest was launched on the 15th of June, 2012 to crowd-source the name of an Online Social Media Magazine I’ll be launching soon. The idea was to give control to the public and also aid the awareness of the new initiative. After two weeks, the judges (3 respected people in the tech/social scope) selected three of the top 3 entries we got including SM Nigeria, SimpliSocial and UarSocial. We then asked everyone to vote for the best among the three.

At the end of the voting process, SMNigeria (from “Social Media Nigeria”) got the top spot with 2 votes ahead of SimpliSocial. SMNigeria was suggested by @TheRealPelumi. He was contacted immediately on how to get his prizes. Though, he’s not gotten all due to some itches on logistics.

On behalf myself 🙂  and the judges, I’ll like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in the Contest and everyone who helped get the word out (RTs, Tweets, and the likes).


Though, Pelumi’s SMNigeria won at the end of all stages, unfortunately, we couldn’t settle down on SMNigeria due to reasons known to pelumi himself and the judges. So, the next idea was to use the runner up SimpliSocial. Just as I was about to purchase it, I realized someone had bought SimpliSocial. So, I and the judges got our thinking cap on as to what name to fly with.

Then, one of Sanya Alagbe’s suggestion became helpful. What we picked from his was Meep – a word which can mean anything and everything you want it to mean. So, we thought Social + Meep will fly. That is, Social Everything. Better put, Everything Social. Hence, SocialMeep.

You’ll hear more from me about SocialMeep in the coming days via twitter. The launch date has been fixed for 1st OCT, 2012. You can follow SocialMeep on twitter @Social_Meep and like the Facebook page: http://Facebook.com/SocialMeep.

Above is Social Meep’s logo, please, tell me what you feel about it.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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