My sugar-free week experience

About two weeks ago, I decided to try out a new challenge – staying off processed sugar for 7 days. I didn’t want to walk the road alone, hence the post. With 5 people, we kick-started the journey on the 8th of April, 2013 and ended on the 14th of April. To keep the conversation going all through the week, we agreed to create a BBM Group (as all had BBs). If there’s anything that holds true for all of us, it is the fact that it wasn’t easy. For me, it was a crazy 7 days of my life. Seeing others eat what you’ll love to eat but knowing you can’t can spin your head. Several times I walked into restaurants to eat and I couldn’t top my food with a bottle of cook or anything sugary. I ordered blended fruit juice several times during the week and had to add a special instruction to my order – “Please, don’t add sugar”. I attended an event on Saturday where coke, sprite and all sorts for sugary drinks were severed all through the brainstorming session. All I could do was stare at the big bottle :). Three things happened

  1. I felt more healthy: Not completely sure whether to attribute this to the sugar-free week, but I felt a difference in my body system all through.
  2. I saved costs: Money I could have spent on drinks, candies etc, were saved and smiling in my pocket, reducing my cash outflow significantly. Obviously, these things have created a hole in my pocket that I need to seal up in one way or the other.
  3. My addiction to sugar reduced: Now, I have reclaimed my life from every spirit controlling sugar and it’s agents sugar. I tasted all sorts of bitter stuffs during the week that I’m now okay with having them as often as I can lay my hands on them. This means that I’ll no longer take sugary foods by default. Not again.

It was a challenge worth it for everyone. Many did tell me they never believed they’ll ever stay away from sugar for a whole week. It’ll be nice to try out a new challenge soon enough. As usual, you’ll know about it when it’s time for something new 🙂

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