My distasteful experience with Yepme, an Indian ecommerce site

Last Friday, I saw a suggested post Facebook about 2 Graphic Tees selling at Rs.499. I normally don’t jump at offers like this, ‘cos of my past experience with cheap things. However, this particular promotion is met with a need waiting to be fulfilled…so, I thought it was good if I could do so at half the price. I finally made the decision when a friend, who added 2 units to the order, persuaded me. However, the Yepme (the fashion ecommerce site I bought it from) team have decided to make the experience distasteful, again, confirming that cheap things are not worth the hype. Here’s my experience below:

Here’s what my order looks like:

Product Qty Price Delivery Total
Yepme Even Navy Blue Polo Tee 1 399.00 49.00 448
Yepme Andre Sky Diver Green Polo Tee 1 399.00 49.00 448
Yepme Bryan Scarlet Red Polo Tee 1 399.00 49.00 448
Yepme Andre Sky Diver Blue Polo Tee 1 399.00 49.00 448

Of course, I saw images of each of the above before deciding to click the buy button. However, I was surprised when I took delivery of the order. Yepme sent two products I didn’t order in place of my real order. This is questionable. Instead of the green above they sent white and sent a wrong design pattern for the “Scarlet Red Polo” order.

On noticing this, I called Yepme’s customer care line to notify them of the error. Trust me, this added to my BAD experience with them.

First, all the agents I spoke to  sounded immature and very unprofessional. At some point, one of them almost told me I was lying ‘cos the “right” order was sent; without even confirming what the issue was. Now, you can imagine how that sounds in the ears of an angry first-time customer.

Second, the last agent I spoke with assured me that the right orders will be shipped the next day (Monday) and pick-up will be arranged for the wrong orders.

It’s Friday, and I am yet to see any action taken about it. This confirms the nonchalant attitude of Yepme about this issue.

My guess is that Yepme displayed two products that were already out of stock either as a marketing gimmick or other poor reasons best known to them. This is because the two Tees in question have suddenly disappeared from their online product catalog.

My Demands

  • Yepme should dispatch my real order within 24 hours.
  • If Yepme is unable to dispatch my order, they’re welcome to come pick up all the four Tees and refund my full money, including the shipping cost.

eCommerce sites like Yepme are one of the bad ones that scare people away from shopping online in India. Companies like Yepme are the ones that hinder a critical mass from making a full transition to the eCommerce world by offering a poor service like this.

The mistake I made was that I didn’t check out what others were saying about them. The links below are some of the many poor experiences people have with Yepme’s services:

Link 1

Link 2 (this link has a similar case of delivering the wrong order)

Link 3 (Issues here range from wrong order delivery to fake products etc)

At least, you can see that I am not alone.

For the eyes reading this, I urge you to boycott Yepme ( no matter how good the offer may look. Save yourself the stress and shop on better sites. You don’t want to develop high blood pressure because of the few rupees you think you’re saving. The drugs are more expensive that that. A word they say is enough for the wise.

For verification purposes, my order number is 1942992

NOTE: I sent them a mail about the above already. No response yet.

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