My 3 Minutes internet connection

Over the past four years of my life, internet connectivity has been crucial to my existence. That might sound too big but that’s just the truth. There are even times that I sacrifice food to get connected to the WWW; especially those old school days. The internet has been one of my major sources of information. I serve clients via the WWW, connect with friends and families (very little family, though) and so many other stuffs I do with the internet.

I’ll save my previous past poor experiences, but acquaint you with the recent one. For the past one week, my internet connection has been nothing to write home about. I have been fighting so hard not to be frustrated. Here’s the problem:

My GLO modem connects but disconnects itself 3 minutes after. Then, I get “Error 628” when I try reconnecting. I’ll then have to wait another three to five hours to get it connected again but just for the same 3 minutes. I am sick and tired of this poor service from GLO.

I called GLO’s customer care and I was told the case will be forwarded to the appropriate department and I was promised it will be fixed. I just hope it gets fixed in no time.

Some of my clients are gradually loosing trust in me. How are they supposed to believe that I have been having such problem for a whole week? To some of them, it seems like I am just hiding under GLO’s inefficiencies. I have been having issues submitting articles on THE MOBILITY COMPANY BLOG. I am tired of sending apology messages to people for a whole week. The alternative is to get connected to a data package from another network provider, but GLO seems to be the most functional in my area. Do I have to leave my house for another zone just because I need to browse. Even if I can do that in the afternoon, how about at night (my peak period)? May be I can get a friend’s house? If yes, so how long will I have to do this?

It’s unfortunate that I’m been hindered what my peers have almost free access to in their countries. How am I supposed to think well on a great idea when I spend bulk of my time on thinking about how to manipulate my way to get connected to the internet FIRST. By the time I get connected, fatigue sets in. In other countries, this is just a natural process. So, I am supposed to beat someone who has an almost natural access to Technology.

Something has to be done. NCC has to fine these our network providers or give them an ultimatum. Thy make billions of naira yearly yet keep offering poor services. They are doing close to nothing to upgrade their services and save us from these poor services we get from them. May be we will have to create a Non-profit organization to protest against these poor tech services. In Nigeria, we have groups like “Enough is Enough”, “Save Nigeria”, “Occupy Nigeria” that protest against government inefficiencies. So, am thinking we might have to create a pro-technology group to help voice our great dissatisfaction of tech services in Nigeria.

Friends, let me rush to submit this post before it gets disconnected again.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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