Mothers are priceless gifts from God

It’s mother’s day. It’s a good time to write about the two of the women I’ve been blessed with in my life.

First is my biological mother. She didn’t stay with us for long but her impact in my life cannot be over-emphasized. She died when I was nine. She did the utterly inconvenient things to ensure we were comfortable. I’m short of words to qualify her sacrifice. Mummy gave me my first encounter with business. I am yet to see the kind of entrepreneurial spirit my mother had in ANY other woman dead or alive. Unknown to her, she gave me a solid foundation in business – one I can still trace till date. So, if you’ve been wondering where I got my entrepreneurial drive from, here comes a clue. She made me understand what it means to make timeless impact. I have read several books/articles about women who impacted the world, but my mum remains the only perfect example I can lay my hands on. In her own rights. I never knew how high her impact was until her death. She was responsible for the education of several people I know today. She was the reason why several families I know today are still together. She healed several wounds while alive.

She was (is) the reason behind the joy of many, going out of comfort and convenience to ensure others were fine. You need to see the kind of crowd her burial pulled and tears in the faces of virtually everyone that attended. Professionally, she was nothing more than a secondary school teacher; but she meant much more than that to EVERYONE who has encounter her. Her impact has opened several doors for me. There are times I enter an office and someone asks “are you the son of Yetunde Soyombo?” sometimes with tears. “Sit down…I will do anything to please you today. Your mum is the reason I’m still her today”. That happens to me several times. I have met countless people who can attribute one or two positive things in their life to the efforts of mum.

You are remembered by many. Continue to rest in peace, mum.

Another woman I’ve been blessed with is my step mum. Oh my my. I have heard tales of how wicked step mums can be. I’m glad to say I have never experienced one. She came to our lives at a time when we most needed her. I remember how she left her work several times to visit us at Mayflower School Ikenne, packing loads of stuffs just to ensure we were comfortable. I never knew a woman can be this caring until I met her. Her level of care, till date is one I am yet to see in any other woman. Even at this age of mine, she still does some things I shouldn’t mention here for me; just to ensure I live a comfortable life.

She is the kind of woman you can talk to when you need to convince daddy about just anything. Her level of understanding amazes me. Just tell her the point in anything…and she tells you to relax. She seems to have a way of making daddy see that point though her lens.

Show me a praying mother and I will show you a strong family. For the things I get too busy with, I wouldn’t have gone too far without a praying mum like this. Trust, me the power of a praying mum cannot be told in one post. Countless times, mummy will lock up herself in one of the rooms and pray for several hours. She has won several battles on her kneels for the entire family. Whenever I had any issue (business etc), her usual one-liner was “Why not pray about it and see what God will do”. I’ve always found comfort in those words.

There are times I and my siblings hurt her to the point where it becomes obvious on her face. Yet the next morning, she is up early, knocking on our doors asking for what we’ll like to eat that morning. Oh, my. What can I write about this wonderful woman that will be enough. May God bless her for me real good. Mum, though we are thousands of miles away, you are right on my mind. I love you deeply.

To these women, I owe deep gratitude for being part of my story.

I know that your mum has been good to you in several ways as well. Take some time out today (at least) and show her some love in return (in any way you can). Mothers are priceless gifts from God.

Happy Mother’s day

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  • Humm! You really touch the core of my being with this post. Tobi I wish I had another chance to with my mummy again !it is so painful that no one could fill the vaccum she left in my life,it is so dishearting dat her shoe size was so big that no one could step in. After her demise I was forced into motherhood at a very tender age when I should still be a toodler I had to mother my are indeed lucky to get a replacement for ur own mummy I wish I am as lucky as you are too.pls cherish your step mum with all ur heart women cos women like her that will take care and luv another woman’s children are hard to come by.indeed mothers are the most adorable jewel any child can ever have.

    • Dupe, this brought tears to my eyes once again. I know how it feels. God makes us go through these things for reasons best known to him. Your mum was caring. I remember those things she sent to me through you back in Mayflower. She was one of the few people who extended their care to me when I lost my mum. May she continue to rest in peace. God has a better plan for us all.

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