Less is more

Last year, I starting getting obsessed with minimal living. I read a lot of articles about minimalism and it looked like something I wanted to try out despite growing up with the mentality that the more you have, the better. Wrong.

So, when I was leaving India late 2014, I decided to give out all I had apart from the most important things I truly needed. I bought a backpack to use for my travels (dual purpose). I made a travel rule that anything that cannot fit into the bag will not travel with me anywhere.

It’s been over 6 months that I’ve been living the “minimal” life. Life has been beautiful. All I have lived on fit into one travelling bag (what we call “Ghana must go”). That includes my casual shoes, my Tees/shirts and the likes.

Minimal living is a mindset that transforms your lifestyle. Sometimes, a lifestyle of access over ownership. The hardest part is probably convincing your brain that you don’t have to own everything. Some things you can borrow/lease when you need them, some you can buy used.

The key to minimalism is recognizing what you truly need. To me, if I’ve not used a thing in 6 months, I can do without it. I want to even cut that to 3 months. Once you realize you don’t need it any longer, give it out. At worst, sell it. There are exceptions though. If it’s a backup for something in use, I keep it. It has a purpose. A useful one. Else, I give it out.

Really, I am still a newbie to minimalism. I wish to switch the gear in the coming months. Some of the things I want to try is that decision to put on one coloured shirts (to eliminate the unnecessary extra decisions on which cloth to wear daily etc.).

Now, I have the joy that comes with living in a room without nothing but a mattress, my gadgets, shoes and a few cloths. All neatly arranged and occupying a small area. Nothing more. Less is more. Life is beautiful.

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