Kaizen and Problem Solving Techniques training at FKCCI, Bangalore

A step forward in knowledge, plus one more certificate added – that’s how we roll :-). Today, I attended the “kaizen (continuous Improvement) and Problem solving techniques” training conducted by FKCCI (Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and Nitte School of Management.

The session was facilitated by Prof. Manjunath VS. It was highly informative. Contrary to popular believe, kaizen can actually be implemented in all areas of business, as long as there are processes involved. In summary it’s all about making small incremental improvements in business processes.

We studied few concepts and tools such as 5 golden rules of gemba, lean practices, 10 commandments of kaizen, 7 deadly wastes, Fishbone diagram, 5WHYs?, 5W 1H technique, poka-yoke, FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and many more.

We also had few exercises during the course of the training which aided our understanding.

It’s funny how most of these stuffs can be applied in our personal lives. The Japanese have made it their way of life. So, implementing them in the work place won’t be an issue. Then, we wonder why they’re the best in quality management?

My hands got busy with  a few shots during the session. For your viewing pleasure 🙂

As always, on to bigger things 🙂

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