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I was going to launch a new project. After series of ‘viability’ tests and research I decided to rap up the thinking stage by getting the opinions of a couple of people I respect in the industry. Here’s a response from one of them

I’ll say: DO IT! I probably know reasons why you’ll be competing with tough ideas that already have traction and reasons why you do sound like you have an edge, but you’ll never know until you start.

That created a spark upstairs. Though, a negative response wasn’t going to stop me from starting, but the response did show me the reality. I’ll never know.

Now to you:

You’ve had this idea for long. You’ve always wanted to do it. The thought keeps coming everyday. Your heart deeply craves for it, but you have too many reasons why you’ve not started. Perhaps you’ve been suffering from the disease many call “analysis paralysis“. A part of you tells you this is the right thing to do, the other parts keeps coming up with reasons the project or idea won’t be successful.

I can understand the feeling as I’ve been there several times. My advice is simple – Just do it. Truth is you will never know what will come out if it until you try. Never be afraid of failing. Do it, fail quickly, learn the lessons, and move on.

Show  me an idea , however great, I can tell you a thousand and one reasons why it won’t succeed; I can also come up with tons of reasons why it’ll become successful. So, stop being afraid of getting on the launch pad. The launch pad is where winners pitch. No one is going to reward your intentions. Stop thinking NOW, and just do something about it. You’ve thought about it long enough.

When you start, you’ll only have two possible destinations – Success or Failure. You’ll never know where you’ll land until you begin. If you fail, move on; and if you become successful, Bravo!

Waiting for the right time? It’ll never come.

Waiting till you have enough resources? You’ll never have enough.

Trust me.

Now, close your browser and stop thinking…Fail…Learn…Succeed.

Just do it.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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