It’s official…LeBrug Limited is now registered

Early early good news in 2014 :-). Remember I wrote this few moons ago, about a new project I’m involved in. Well, we kickstarted the registration (documentation et al) process of the company late last year. Few minutes ago, we were informed by our Lawyer that we’re now fully registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission as limited liability company under the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

…and the name of the company shall be called LeBrug Limited. This is the parent company under which our brands will operate. The first of which is ___ (let’s call it a secret for now).

Hats off to our lawyer who made the entire process very easy. You rock, man.

A little update on our first project. The development is moving on rapidly, all thanks to our development team – Anil, Mamatha and Devika. Our front end designer, Prahalad is doing a great job as well. We’re about 76 days away from launch – oh, the blood rush in my veins :).

With this, we can proceed to other important things. *rubs palm*

Here’s a snapshot of the certificate of incorporation:


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