It’s official: I’m now a certified Six Sigma Green Belt

I was deeply engrossed with a consumer behaviour textbook at the library of Nitte School of Management when the news came.

After undergoing the six sigma green belt certification training and exam, I am glad to announce that I am now “officially” a six sigma green belt, certified by the Government of India (through it’s able MEME).

6 What?…

First time I heard about the six sigma methodology was during my days in the University. A close friend told me about a consultant (his mentor), who flew to the U.S. for few days to undergo the training. That aroused my interest. “Why will someone pay so high and fly to the U.S. to learn a damn concept”? “There must be something about it then”, I thought. So, I became interested. I went online, Googled and found out why the mentor of my dear friend made such investment.

That very moment, I added it to my list of audacious goals. There was no timeline for it’s achievement. I just knew I wanted to learn the methodology for whatever it’s worth. It was something I looked up to, patiently waiting. So, when I was informed of the training happening right “under my nose”, I confirmed my interest immediately, got the form and made provisions for the funds instantly. There was nothing left to think about.

Many moons later. Here am I with my green belt status. Faster than I thought.

For me, getting the certificate is the least important thing. The knowledge acquired during the training is next to none. This is not some academic junk we get in schools. One thing about such certifications/trainings, if done with the right intention, is that it expands one’s mind and alters one’s thought process. Before the training, I had several wrong notions about the production concept as well as customer satisfaction. All these are now cleared. Not just that, I have now come to appreciate statistical tools as necessary ingredients in management. Too many take-outs, people.

There are many other audacious stuffs on my list. Glad to have six sigma green belt struck off that list.

Moving on to bigger things 🙂

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