It’s cycling time

From the 4th of January 2016, I will be experimenting cycling to work and other medium distance commute within Bangalore. No, it’s not a New Year resolution. I have been nursing the idea of buying a bicycle for the past 4 months. With the fall in the purchasing power of the naira to other currencies, it seems I found the perfect excuse to take a trip to a Bicycle store last Sunday and bought myself the above.

The first phase of this year will be about running lean as much as I can. I have been living a lean life for the past 4 months, but it’s about to get leaner. It’s all about how I can reduce my burn rate drastically so as to increase the number of months I can continue to focus on the grind without starving to death. So, a bicycle becomes handy.

Over the past 4 months, after rent and food, transportation represents my most recurring expense. I use Uber every time I go out. Between November 16 – December 21, I spent 7,120 rupees (about 29,904 naira) taking Uber from my house to the office – a distance of about 8.2 kms. That’s minus trips to other places – friends, church, meetings etc. All put together, we’ll be talking of maybe over 12,000 rupees in a month on transportation. With most of my income coming in from Nigeria, it means, I am at a mojor disadvantage. The naira is now weak. It’s currently trading with the rupee at about 4.2 naira to 1 rupee, compared to about 2.6 naira to 1 rupee last year.

So, cycling will save me a couple of thousands per month which I can reinvest in keeping the lights on for as long as pay day tarries. I have now decided to cycle everywhere within a distance of 10km (for now). I have done this since last Sunday and things are fine for now. Not sure of how different things will turn when work resumes on Monday. I will document my experience as I find time. I hope this experiment works.

…and oh, one more excuse – the health benefits that comes with riding is priceless. Need I say more?

It’s cycling time.

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