It’s a wrap: Second semester done and dusted

It’s been a long semester. After struggling psychologically to complete my external exam, today marks the end of the second semester of my MBA program over here at NMIT. It’s been a mixture of great moments and unavoidable down times. For me, it’s been months of killing schedules, having to blend academics with work and several projects I oversee. Each day of the past few months have left me completely exhausted. There are days I get weak that I can’t even find the strength to prepare food or think straight, then I lye down and fall asleep like a drunkard. Oh, well, did  you notice I didn’t blog regularly both here and on my daring SocialMeep? Not to worry, I’ll be back. Like I tell everyone I meet, what matters most at this stage of my life is that I love the life I’m living. Period.

That said, let me try to relive the semester in three paragraphs.

I made several decisions this semester. The major one was deciding to live outside the campus. Since I arrived India, I have been living in the hostel which has not been so comfortable for me owing to the kind of life I want for myself. One of such is being alone in a quiet room that the only thing I can hear is the sound of PC. After weeks of contemplating whether to leave or not, I finally made the decision. Exit, it was. Though it added a little bit to my stress, but I am happy to be living the kind of life I want in my new residence. Before you ask me how it has been, I’ll tell you that nothing compares to it. I have access to some awesome benefits I never had access to when I was staying on campus. Emm, the greatest of all (due to my lifestyle) is that I now have access to a 25MBPS (upgrading to 50MBPS soon) internet connection, right in my toilet at a super competitive rate. If you’re a Nigerian reading this, sorry. Since then, I’ve been bullying everyone with my internet…it’s my new found pride 🙂

Again, I might have offended quite a number of course mates this semester just by being the best of myself. Call it cultural differences or any term you choose. They say when you’re in Rome, behave like Romans…I agree; but trying to behave like Indians has been a daunting task. It ain’t easy mehn!!! So, sometimes, while still respecting the versatile Indian culture, I just choose to be me. Overall, I couldn’t have had a better time.

This semester I decided to stop answering foolish unnecessary questions from colleagues. Questions like “had dinner?, had breakfast?” This is an Indian (the part of India I live) problem I think…I don’t know why anyone will think the best way to start an early morning conversation (8AM) is to ask “had breakfast?” So, I stopped answering….sometimes I’ll frown and reply “do you have one for me or why are you asking”? In similar fashion, I stopped answering questions that sound intelligent but should be shameful to the person asking them. For instance, after telling a buddy that I’m a social media aficionado, dude looked at me and asked “what is social media?”. That’s an MBA student asking me what social media is? I would have answered but realizing I’ll be doing him more harm by answering, I simply referred him to Google. He’ll get the best explanation right there. Since then, I’ve been turning several Googleable questions to where there belong – Google.

Many things made this semester rock…so many things…but, I’m short of time to start typing all and I’m sure you don’t have the luxury of time as well to start reading about my boring adventures.

However, I made another BIG decision this semester. I’ll tell you about it in my next post.

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