It’s a wrap: first semester finally comes to an end

Everything that has a beginning surely has an end. It’s the day we all have been waiting for. Actually, this day was supposed to come on the 22nd of February, but our final exam was postponed till this afternoon. I could read the excitement from the faces of my colleagues as we matched into the exam hall to write the final 3 hour exam for the semester. Barely 30 minutes after the exam, everyone began to pack their bags off to their respective homes.

What a semester it has been. Though short (due to late resumption), the stress we were put through cannot be described in fancy words. Whenever we make an attempt to complain or plead for the reduction of the stress, the usual answer was “this is MBA…you guys have to be strong, we are here to develop your capacity“. Despite my full agreement with that statement, I cannot shy away from the fact that it was a hell of a semester :). The most important thing is the knowledge acquired. The saddest moment for me was when my Nepalese friend and personal tutor dropped out without informing me. My heart is with Arjun 🙁

Second semester commences on the 4th of March, 2013; that’s just next week Monday. This means we’re getting barely 4 days holiday. Short, you say? Well, that’s one of the things business school put you through.

I say a big thanks to all my colleagues for making this semester a great one for me. Thanks for easing my blend with the Indian ways of doing stuffs. Thanks to all those who helped me with the quantitative courses that were kinda hard to deal with due to my distaste and weakness in them. Thanks to all those who cared enough to ensure I enjoyed my stay. Thanks for the coffees bought (Kaosik, Vivek and others) during those short breaks between lectures and the numerous acts of benevolence and kindness I received from you all. To those who only observed from afar with smiles, I say thank you.

Should I end this post without apologizing to the ones I offended while being myself. I understand that I broke several rules in the Indian culture and this got some folks angry at some point. I’m sure you’ll pardon for all that. I was just being natural and you will agree that it ain’t that easy to make an instant switch.

How about the lecturers – our senior colleagues? I must say that I have never encountered a pool of academic staff as supportive as the ones I met at NMIT. Thanks for the knowledge imparted. Thanks for putting us through the rough semester for the right reasons. Though, I never had enough time and juice to benefit FULLY from your openness due to my personal schedules, its presence is undeniable. Dr. Sambatur Sridhar, Mr. Senthilkumar, Mr. S. Harish Babu, Mr. N Sreedhar, Ms. Laxmi Hegde and Mr Ashwath ReddySpecial shout out to my mentor for the program, Ms Laxmi Hegde. Thanks a bunch.

I end this with a SMS I received from one of my colleagues, Shilpa. It says a lot about the experience if you read beyond the letters

This is the wonderful evening which made us finish our first semester. When I stepped into NMIT, I was scared of my confidence and attitude but my friends made me come out of that and made me learn so many things. I’m Thankful to NMIT for giving such beautiful friends and teachers. I want to say  thanks to all buddies who helped me in achieving this, be a good friend for ever and ever. Take care and have a nice time with your parents 🙂

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