I am delighted to announce the launch of my baby venture, I co-founded with two of my friends, Tola and Babafemi. We’ve had the idea for some time, but wrote the first code sometimes in August, 2013.

To summarize, is a platform that connects Nigerian students directly to institutions of their choice around the world, allowing them apply directly to our partner institutions. As of today, we have partnered with institutions across UK, France, Cyprus, India and Nigeria with a working plan to expand to other countries as well as add more institutions to offer the students more options.

I meet a lot of foreign students (especially since I got into this space), and I don’t stop hearing tales of how they got duped by some agents who promised to process their admission for them. Some others complain about the stress they passed through while applying to their institution of choice. Many more bad news. 1Plify is poised to change these stories. With 1Plify, we’re putting an end to stress, both on the students’ side and institutions. We want to make the admission process embarrinsingly easy for both parties.

All the students have to do is create an account, complete their profile, search and apply to institutions of their choice. The institutions receive the applications and respond to the students as quickly as possible.

No more unnecessary fees: In fact, for most of the institutions on our platform, there is no admission fee. Get admitted and pay your tuition to the school directly, not us.

Uber cool support: We have dedicated support centre (phone, tickets, with live chat launching soon) at 1Plify which caters to any support required by the students.

With the 1Plify Blog here, we’ll be educating the students constantly through articles which cut across experiences of other students, advises, important news bits and many more.

I am personally excited about today. We’ve been under the hood for several months and I have been waiting for a day like this. So, if you know anyone thinking of admissions, kindly direct them to

The journey begins here

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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