In search of my younger self

Are you the one we’ve been searching for, or will our search continue after this conversation?

In 2007, my mission was clear.

To learn all the things I could.

To serve all the people and businesses I could.

To achieve this, I was constantly searching for opportunities to work for people. This meant working with no financial reward. In the process, I ended up building free websites (some of which I still maintain till date at no cost), working for ridiculous amount and making a lot of sacrifices. These experiences, I am grateful for. I can say that those experiences formed a critical part of “what” I am today.

Over the past few weeks, our major task has been attracting the best talent to our team. We had a couple of roles to fill. Interns and full-timers. In the process, I have encountered over 120 people. Phone calls, one-on-ones. Very very few really want to learn and grow with a startup. Genuinely. Err, actually all of them say they want to learn, but most times, it only takes a few hours to realize that they are just looking for a side gig to make money while studying or looking for a certificate to brag with later.

I’ll skip boring you with why I came to this conclusion.

Since then, I have been wondering if there is a younger me. The ones burning with passion in whatever area and are in search of opportunities to prove themselves like I was few years ago. Smart, ambitious and equally naïve (yes, naïve), willing to learn by breaking things, incredible self-learners. Where is the younger me?

At 1Plify, we are constantly in search of such people. People who want to grow with us.

Perhaps the younger me exists somewhere, but he or she is only more expensive to get? Probably.

If you know such people, ask them to drop us a line at work at 1plify dot com

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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