I’m missing the love at home

There comes a time in ones life when you have to make the tough decision to leave home in search of greener pastures. Equally, there also comes a time when you cannot but wish you were home. That’s the feeling all over me now.

Irrespective of how far you travel…no matter where you go, there certainly cannot be a place like home. Home may not be as luxurious as the places we travel, but no where else offers the kind of warmth and love home offers. Oh, the love from my family…that love no one else can give. Home is home.

Words can hardly measure how I feel right now. Look at the dimple on Bunmi’s (my brother) chicks and the gentle smile on Aanu’s (my sister) face won’t let me sleep. Oh, how I miss home. Home sweat home. Daddy and Mummy’s love – no one else can fill. How about my elder brother’s ever shinning face? I miss. I sure miss the love at home

Now to some of the things I enjoy at home. Eba, I cannot have here. Ofada rice, I can’t get. Garri is no where to be found. No more mummy’s delicacies. Chai, I better stop writing this before I die of hunger of these stuffs.

Remembering a song by Mish – Akwa Ibom Ayaya. Here’s my version of the first line 🙂

I want to go home, I’m from Ogun…Ogun State ayaya. You can enter moto…you should go with me.

I’m missing the love at home.

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