I’m going to get a lot of that money

I’ve been in search of a property for some time now (let’s save the details). So, this past week, I decided to move out of my comfort zone and really go in search of what I want. It all started with a Google search for apartments within my current location. Then I landed on several real estate sites with countless listings. I ‘favorited’ one of the agents and gave him a call. I gave a full description of what I wanted and all he had to say was “will you come down to my office now so I can show you some”. I went, I saw…That one call landed me on at least 6 sites from this agent alone.

All I wanted was (is) a good deal…so I continued the search. In one week, I had meetings and inspections (some more than once) with at least 4 real estate agents [minus the NUMEROUS phone calls to others]. At some point, I did the searching myself.

Major lesson I learnt after all these is that it pays to have a deep fat pocket. You didn’t read that well. I said it pays to have a deep fat pocket. Not one filled with paper or an empty wallet, or 5 ATMs with “insufficient balances”…one filled with dough. Cool cash. Emm…OR at least a golden pen that’s always ready to sign the cheques. I spoke a lot…grammer mixed with all kinds of languages I know to speak (Yoruba, Hindi, Kanada)…but it didn’t doesn’t matter. My baby face (or innocent face) counted counts less. Who cares?

What mattered to the agents and the owners of the properties was the size of my pocket bank account. No-one cared what kind of language I speak or how fluent my English is.  At several point during the numerous negotiation meetings and inspections, I’ll hear “how much do you have with you now. I mean now“. Again, I learnt how important money is in finding some sanity in this insane world (at least some). Well, realizing that I’m only a cool guy trying to maintain sanity in an insane world, I’m going to get a lot of that money.

I’m going to use EVERY legal (attached with my personal values) means I know to attract that cool cash that everyone seems to respect more than anything else. Not as a victory sign over those who observe me nor to say I’ve arrived. No. No. No. My reason is not the point of this post. I may write about that soon; but get it straight that money is good. Whosoever tells you otherwise is deceiving you and probably has less.

At the end of the day, what matters [on the table] is if you can put your money where your mouth is. Who matters most [on the table] is the person who puts that cold cash where his mouth is. He wins, everyone else loses. I want to be that one man.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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