Ideas are no one’s monopoly

Few weeks ago, I was in a room brainstorming with few other great minds for one of the leading companies in Nigeria. An idea popped up. It had never been implemented by any company yet in Nigeria. It was entirely new. Oh, the excitement.

So, as I laid on my bed to sleep, after a rejuvenating spa session, my email notification buzzed. I reached for my tablet reluctantly thinking it’s one of those urgent mails I deal with every day. Nope, not this time. What I saw was quite shocking. Or, not so shocking, but it gave me a second thought.

The idea we spent hours brainstorming has just been launched by another big player in the industry. Then, it dawned on me again, that, no one has monopoly of ideas.

Truth is that while you’re busy analyzing that same idea, while you’re “thinking and thinking through”, a living being, just like you, already moved.

Ideas are powerful, but they’re super impotent without implementation. Move fast with execution, and as fast as ever possible; unless you’re ready to deal with the guilt that comes with seeing someone else land it big with the same idea you only thought about.

Because, ideas are no one’s monopoly.


Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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  • Babatunde Akin-Moses

    Hi Tobi! Great post. You’re so on point about implementation being far more important than the idea. Funny enough, I think the implementation of an ordinary/average idea, beats thinking up the greatest idea in the world and not making it happen: Momentum trumps inaction every time!

    Wonderful blog you have here. Just read through your posts and I’d encourage you to keep writing, keep believing and keep implementing. I want to be there to say I was part of the start when you’re dining at the table of successful tycoons…with me at the table of course. .Hehehe

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