I know what it cost to make my blog mobile-friendly

This is first of all a confession. I wonder if I even have to confess since some of you, my mobile visitors must have noticed it. My site never had a mobile version until few hours ago.

Today, one of the beneficiaries of my newly launched support program for bloggers sent me this DM on Twitter:

Hello Tobi, got some time? I need a few help on setting up a mobile version of my blog/site. Can u help me out? 

Just as I replied his DM, there came another tweet conataining a link to Mr. Mobility’s latest post on Mobilty Blog titled: “What does it cost to make your blog mobile-friendly”:

What does it cost to make your blog mobile-friendly? – bit.ly/HdPt8h 

After these events, I felt guilty for not making my site mobile-friendly all the while. I know the benefits of having a mobile version of my site. Not just that I know the right plugins to use and the necessary back-end customizations. I even tell people about it. Despite this, my site was still not mobile. Why? Reasons Unknown. I should be covering my face out of shame *covers face*.  I accept the shame and “you can put the blame on me”.

Hey, I don’t want to be a “Do as I say teacher”. You can guess my next actions afterwards. Straight to my Dashboard to install the necessary plugin.

So, the bottom line is that MY BLOG IS NOW MOBILE FRIENDLY. Thanks to Mister Mobility for the call to action and the Subscriber that asked the “killer question” which aroused my guilty conscience.

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