I am afraid about one thing…

I and two partners have been burning our oil on a new venture. It’s been about 5 months into it. We’ll be solving  a problem that have existed for over 30 years in an industry (intentionally withheld). The three of us seem passionate about the solution. We have put in all efforts (and still in the process), committing time and hard earned money into.

This is the kind of idea that gives us joy. Everyone we’ve spoken to about it also share our excitement. We have done the problem validation. All positive. The problem exist. A few key people tell us our solution is what they need.

BUT, I am afraid about one thing. Or maybe I am taking this too serious? I hope.

This is not about funding. It’s not about the acumen to execute. It’s all about the circumstances around the solution we are providing to the problem. It’s about an industry whose learning curve is very long and that is best at lagging.

First, the thought that we MIGHT be pitching to old folks who kick against innovation makes me sick every time I think about it. Another thought is that what we intend to introduce will enhance transparency, simplicity etc. Meaning it may be the end of “illegal revenue” on some fronts and elimination of some processes intentionally created by systems for “selfish reasons”.

These are the concerns we have. These fears have been shared by every single person we have pitched to, including our experienced mentors. We often hear “hmm…fantastic,  honestly. BUT this is Nigeria…”.

So, here am I expressing my fears openly – not allowing it weigh me down. I have decided with my partners that nothing will stop us. The fears abound, but we’ll garner enough strength to crush it. Let it be said that we tried all our best to “disrupt” that traditional process. Let it be said that all my efforts went into this. With at least 5 alternative routes, we’ll fight hard enough.

We may win. We may lose. Win or lose. We keep on moving. If we win, it’ll make the lives of over 2 million people easier when dealing with “that” system. If we win, this post will matter. If we win, it’ll mean my sleepless nights and the countless long meetings paid off. Finally, if we win, it’ll mean some more money in the bank – enough to live a sane life, I think :).

If we lose, I’ll have learnt the lessons and become wiser. If we lose, it’ll be my 4th “official” attempt.

We will win.

Wish me well as I embark on this journey.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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