How to book First Nation Airways flight

Some weeks ago, I reviewed the services of the latest airline in the Nigerian Aviation Industry. Now, I want to write on how to book their flights. I am doing this because I discovered that a couple of people landed on my site while searching for terms like “First Nation Booking”, “How to Book First Nation Flights” and many other related terms. Unfortunately, I did not state how to book their flight in my review. So, I think its worth the while to do just that over here.


First Nation Airways Booking portal
  • Click continue and follow the steps. Its that simple.


  • Visit … if you reside and in Lagos, navigate to 66B Opebi Road (1st Floor) to make your bookings


  • Go to first Nation Airways stand at MM2 or ABV airport and one of their staff will attend to you.

Please note that First Nation Airways only fly between Lagos-Abuja-Lagos for now. Flights to other routes such as Port-Harcourt are expected to commence later this December.

So, I hope those searching for the procedures involved with booking first nation airways flights will land on this page and find it useful.

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