How one question saved me some dollars

I have been in Doha, Qatar for close to 12 hours or so. Few moments after my arrival and the somewhat stressful procedure I went through, I checked into a premium arena. After few minutes of settling in, I realized I needed to eat and buy a few stuffs. The natural impulse I had was to check-out temporarily to eat, unwind and get back in.

But, then, I paused for a moment and decided to ask one of the staff around about food et al. He was shocked! Then, he smiled and said, “Sir, everything is free, the food, juice, the internet, everything”.

You see, I would have spent extra money trying to get the same things I could have gotten free of charge – Coffee, tea, juice, fruits and other benefits. I didn’t know that the same ticket that got me access into the building is the same ticket that gives me access to every item I see around me. Asking that one question saved me time, energy and money.

Then, I thought for a second, how many things do we lose in life because we simply refuse to ask? One, we refuse to ask at all. Two, we refuse to ask the right questions/for the right help. Three, we refuse to ask the right people. Not knowing that by asking, you’re simply leveraging the knowledge/money/skill/time of the other person, mostly without paying a dime. That one answer can save a destiny. One answer can open doors. One answer can get you that dream job. One answer can open up that one contract.

…but, only if we choose to ask.

I remember a Prof. at IIMB teaching a whole session about how the “ASK” culture the other day. Shows you how important it is. The “how” is a separate discussion on it’s own.

With love from Qatar.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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