How I started using Oral-B tooth paste [#SocialMediaStory]

My intention in this post is not to promote Oral-B on my blog, instead it is to tell a short story of how social media is changing everything. Oral-B isn’t part of my client base yet, so it’s not a sponsored story. However, I feel it’s worthwhile to tell a story of how they used Social Media to win a customer.

For the past few months, one of the ads that have successfully caught my attention is that of Oral-B. There was hardly a day I log in to Facebook that I do not come across the ad. There are times that I even click  on it just to see where it leads. The ad didn’t promise a discount or anything related. All I kept seeing was “Oral-B” on every Facebook tab I open.

Oral-B Tooth paste

Before then, I had been using a different toothpaste (I won’t tell you). After exhausting it, I walked into my local store and told the sales boy “I want to buy a toothpaste”. He responded with a smile (something I really love) and said “Which type of toothpaste do you want sir?” Usually, I would have just requested for my regular toothpaste; instead I said, “Which ones do you have?” That was where the game changer was. He began “We have Close Up, Maccleans, Maxam , Oral-B”. The moment he mentioned Oral-B, there was a connection. I immediately remembered those Oral B ads I’ve been seeing on Facebook. So, I said to him “let me even try this Oral-B that have been generating so much buzz on Facebook”. Friends, that was how I became an Oral-B customer. Till date I have bought three units of Oral-B  toothpaste. Since this is not a review of Oral-B toothpaste, I won’t go further to tell you my experience with it.

That’s just one of the ways social media is changing everything. Just one ad made me buy three units. Not only this, I have also bought it for someone else. That’s how it will keep spreading. While other toothpaste manufacturers are still employing those expensive TV adverts to show us how clean our teeth can be using their toothpastes, the makers of Oral-B decided to use a more engaging method to drive home the message. While this testimony may be unknown to them, it does work.

Normally, someone would have been pessimistic about creating a Facebook presence for a toothpaste. “Do people want to start brushing on Facebook or what?” No, they won’t brush on Facebook, but that Facebook ad is capable of convincing and converting them to buying your product offline. One of the things some of my clients keep telling me is “You see, Facebook and Twitter is not for a business like mine”. Well, I hope they see this story and change their mind.

It’s amazing what a promoted Facebook page can do to you and your company. Social Media is constantly changing the way businesses connect with their customers. Those who still think creating a Facebook page or a twitter handle for themselves and their companies is a waste of time should better  rethink and re-plan their strategies. While I do not advice companies to completely stop using traditional media to promote their business, my advice has always been that “Social Media must be added”. Every companies’ Social Media activities needs to be strategically planned just like the traditional media are.

Companies and Individuals need to create an internet presence that is synonymous to the brands (that’s what I help my clients achieve). I do not guarantee that they’ll begin to make money from this instantly, but it does help on the long run.

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