Happy married life, Omolayo

I met her in the library, I think, few days after resumption at Bowen University. We exchanged pleasantries and that was how our friendship began. She was in the company of two other friends, Abisola and Bibitayo. Prior to that day, we never exchanged a word with each other though we were in the same department. Our friendship grew stronger by the day, alongside a few other friends – Biodun, Samson, Samuel, Seyi and others.

We eventually formed a reading group of which she became the first leader of the group. Her style of coordinating was unique. She helped me out several times when I had challenges with the quantitative courses. She’s fun to be with. She is very caring as well. She is one of the very few people I shared some deep stuffs with. We share several things in common, one of which is our birth month :).

Many things I can write about her but space and time won’t permit me. She is such a wonderful friend :).

Her name is Omolayo, the damsel of the Osogbo based Ojo family. Today, 30th of March, 2013, she’s walking down the aisle. She’s saying I do to his one and only Akin Akinola. One of the reasons I’m happy for her is that I know this is what she always wanted. She told me several times (years back), sometimes humorously,  that she’ll be getting married somewhere around this time. I’m so happy to see the wish of a friend come true. Dreams come true, dear.

Omolayo, I wish you a Happy Married Life. God has already gone ahead of you to make all crooked way straight.What God has joined together (Omolayo and Akin), no man or woman will put asunder. May your marriage be filled with pleasant moments. You and Akin will have uninterrupted enjoyment, till death do you part. May God bless your union. Your children (to come) are blessed. They will be a joy to you just as you’ve been to your parents.

Happy does not describe what I feel for you right now.

Happy Married Life, Omolayo and Akin

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