First semester results released

Few minutes ago, last semester’s results was released. I was notified by my colleagues via our WhatsApp group. You know how it feels when a news like this comes. Already, I noticed the panic among my colleagues as those who had seen theirs expressed shock (some).

Well, I launched my browser, typed in my number. Voila! My result popped up. Guess, what? I passed all the courses I registered for, including the two quantitative courses I wasn’t sure of passing. Confession, I was not sure of passing the “quantitative methods” course in particular based on what I wrote in the exam. The tension rose higher when we were told only about 50% passed the course. Well, I’m glad to be part of the 50% who did. Several times, when I picked up the course to read, it never stopped looking like arabic to me. It became worse when my personal tutor dropped out of the institution. You sit in class, and it’s like the lecturer is just speaking in tongues :). Lol. It can feel so odd, when you seem to be the only one who doesn’t understand the lecturer’s tongues.

It’s not the best, no, far from it; especially when compared to the scores of my colleagues. I could have done way better. Yes, I will do better next time :). But see, I choose to be happy. Don’t get it twisted, I wouldn’t have felt different should I have failed (those who are close to me can bear me witness).

Why am I happy? Well, a result like this couldn’t have made me sad. When you’re working on a thousand and one things that rank higher than your academics, and at the same time trying to pursue a degree, you can only be happy. When the several projects you work on won’t allow you dedicate enough time to your academics, and you still managed to score higher than the passing percentage, the least you can do is to be happy and grateful. When you spend the night before each paper performing “MUST-DO” tasks for the people you are responsible to, well, you cannot but appreciate this; however low.

Overall, I am happy because I won’t have to go through the stress of trying to clear any of these courses next year.

All that matters is a grateful heart and a good countenance.

This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in my eyes.

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