Farewell to a special lecturer, Mrs. Laxmi Hegde

Few days ago, I heard that the news that my program mentor will be leaving. Sad news. She’s an amazing lady. Out of my tight schedule, yesterday, I wrote the below and pasted it on all notice boards in the department after school, ensuring no one saw me as I did. All course mates and staff will resume this morning to see it. This is the least one can do to show express to her.

Very few people touch me enough, especially in the academia, to deserve this kind of piece. Mrs Laxmi Hegde is one of such. I am yet to recover from the shock that hit me when I heard she’s leaving. Perhaps, someone needs to tell me it’s all dreams. I hope so.

Weeks after the first semester started, two of our courses – Managerial economics and Business Communication – refused to pick up. I was personally furious about why the semester should start without a lecturer to take these courses. Few weeks into the semester, Mrs. Laxmi arrived. Now I can say that we waited for so long for the best to come. She was the best we were waiting for.

At the beginning of the semester, little did I know that this amazing woman would become my program mentor. The warmth I felt after discussing with her during the mentoring session last semester is one I can still touch today. At last, I met a lecturer who understands me (no pun intended). I met a lecturer who shares some of the traits that make me tick and is even willing to disclose such with her student. “If you have any issues whatsoever, please, come to me and we’ll talk about it. If they are things I can solve within my capacity, I will. If not, I’ll contact the appropriate authorities about same she said to me, repeatedly, during the session. Finally, someone to rub minds with, isn’t it?

Last semester was rough due to the length, so no one had spare time to meet with mentors – including me. I had several musings I wanted to share with her. I decided I to do all I can to share them with her this semester. It is saddening to me that Mrs. Laxmi is leaving me so soon.

Over the past few months, I have found a woman who has her students at the core of her heart. Though, this is one trait every lecturer should have, Mrs. Laxmi’s effort in giving her students the best trumps the normal. Her examples and illustrations in class are real time and very practical – giving the students a balance between academia and industry.

I studied economics for 4 years, and I must say that the technicalities and ambiguity contained in the course is very high –  reason why only few are intersted in studying it. However, Mrs. Laxmi should be credited for doing the tedious job (in a fabulous way) of making the concepts and theories easy to understand to all. Though difficult, she takes her time to dimistify the dimistifiable and break all sorts of economic jargon just to ensure we all understand – a task only few will undertake. Her readiness to repeat any concept not understood by the students is amazing. Even after all, she’ll still say “If you still don’t understand, come see me  after the class”.

Mrs. Laxmi, Your  level of tolerance amazes me daily. Despite the gross indiscipline and immaturity displayed by my colleagues in class, you still managed the situation in a way only few people will. We did make you angry severally by vain things done during your classes. You never allowed the irritation affect your mode of teaching.

What can I write about you that will fully describe your true person? Nothing! Adjectives cannot qualify how good you have been to us neither can fancy words summarize. They say people come and go; but your depature will create a big vacum for me – one somewhat too big to be filled by just anyone out there. I repeat, just anyone.

Mrs. Laxmi, I can only wish the news about you leaving the institute is a dream or a wildpread rumour. Perhaps, I need to wake up from sleep; just in case I’ve been dreaming. I really meant it when I told you last week that “I will leave NMIT and follow you whereever you go”; but I can’t for reasons beyond my control.

Though, you won’t be with us any longer, you will be remembered. Whereever you go, do remember that you are remembered, if not by anyone else, you will be remembered by me. As you leave, I wish you the best in all your endeavours.

I will miss you, Mrs. Laxmi Hegde.


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